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Wine & beer bottles

Bonum proudly carry a variety of empty wine and beet bottles. We proudly offer several different shapes, sizes, colors and closure finishes. We’re sure we have the right wine bottle for your needs! We have industry best sellers including Bordeaux wine bottles, Burgundy wine bottles, & Claret wine bottles. Please be sure to inquire about our custom designs as well. We have an in-house graphic design team that can create custom designs for your bottle that will exceed your expectations. 

When it comes to bottle size, Bonum Packaging offers a huge selection of bottle capacities, including miniature wine small bottles in 375 ml, and larger 750 ml bottles.Our selection includes a full line of wine jugs and glass growlers as well. Choose from a variety of colors, including blue, clear, green, and amber glass bottles. Select your preferred cap style, too, from continuous thread caps to corks and crowns. Our beer bottle and growler selection ranges from 12 oz – 64 oz which are available in amber colors. Other colors are available upon request. 

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Wine Bottles We Offer: 

Bordeaux/ Claret

Sizes – 375 ml or 750 ml

Finishes – Antique green, clear, amber, cobalt blue , frosted, champagne


Sizes: 375 ml, 750 ml or1.5 L

Finishes – Antique green, clear or dead leaf


Sizes – 375 ml or 750 ml

Finishes – Antique green, clear, amber, cobalt blue, frosted or champagne


Sizes – 375 ml

Finishes – Antique green or clear


Sizes – 375 ml

Finishes – Antique green or clear


Sizes – 375 ml

Finishes – Antique green or clear


Sizes – 375 ml

Finishes – Antique green or clear 


Sizes – 375 ml

Finishes – Antique green or clear

*Our bottles can be ordered with or without a cork.* 

Beer Bottles We Offer:


Capacity – 12 oz (355 ml)


Capacity – 12 oz (355 ml)


Capacity – 12.68 oz (375 ml)


Capacity – 16.9 oz (500 ml)

Long Neck

Capacity – 12 oz (355 ml)

Larger Long Neck

Capacity – 16 oz (475 ml)


Capacity – 16.9 oz (500 ml)


Capacity – 22 oz (651 ml)

Large Belgian

Capacity – 25.36 oz (750 ml)


Capacity – 25.36 oz (750 ml)


Capacity – 64 oz (1/2 gal.)

Mini Growler

Capacity – 32 oz (946 ml)

*All bottles are available in amber, green and clear finishes. * 

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