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Custom Mylar Bags

If you want to differentiate your products, custom mylar bags are the way to do it! It is a very powerful marketing tool that will set you apart on the shelf and allow your product to stand out. We only use the highest quality materials and inks to produce our custom mylar bags. Contact us to get a conversation started:

1. Inquire

Send us the quantity you’re looking for and when you need it by.

2. Quote

We’ll send you a quote and delivery estimate. 

3. Design

We’ll design a beautiful enclosure for your product. 

4. Enjoy

Your products SELL.

Custom Package Sizes Available:

We offer standard sizes:

     3.5″ x 5″ – 1g

     3.5″ x 6″ – 3.5g

     4″ x 6″ – 7g

     5″ x 8″ – 14g / 1 ounce bags  

Custom Sizes:



     Gusseted & Non-Gusseted

     Bottom-loaded Bags

     Custom Shapes

     Side Gusset


Production Timeline:

2 weeks to produce + 3-5 days to deliver

Our Reviews:

Medusa Gardens

“Great customer service!!! Super fast!!! Very knowledgeable crew!!! Prices which nobody can beat!!!”

Dynamic Harvest

“Since we started working with Bonum our packaging costs have come down over 40% and not only is the quality better, but the time that it takes to get it delivered to us is incredibly fast.”

OGZ Fireweed

“I was very interested as the prices were feasible and less than what I was currently paying… I decided to let Bonum design a new custom bag for our cannabis and this was done very well.”

Fortune Cannabis

“I am so happy that I switched to using these guys for my packaging. They are always on time and the quality is excellent.”

Got questions? We Have Answers.

Don’t have a brand or design yet? Our graphic design team will create a breathtaking design for you.

I need 250,000 bags, how soon can I get them? We will have them produced and delivered to you in 3-4 weeks. 

Need biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials? Yes, we’ve got it.

We Create
breathtaking packaging.

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